Progressive organisations know delivery cycles for software projects are too long. There is an easier way. Customers and markets won’t wait.

We live in an era where innovation doesn’t need to be painful, complex, take too long and cost a fortune. At 3wks, we’re on a mission to change the way enterprises develop and use technology. We do this by applying our unique ‘Beyond Agile’ method to business challenges.

Our method puts users at the centre of everything – from day one. We meet with them, understand their requirements and needs, and build a minimum viable product within days. From here, we gather the users’ feedback, iterate the solution and deliver a usable and valued outcome in weeks rather than months.

There is a widely held belief that imagining and building new and innovative solutions is inherently risky. Research has shown the majority of projects either fail completely or don’t deliver the outcomes users want . The 3wks method reduces the likelihood of expensive failures because the users are at the center of projects; their input drives the outcome. The result is; we remove the risk of failure.

The 3wks approach has been tried and tested in over 50 organisations and is truly disrupting traditional thinking and systems. Whether it’s creating a pilot for enterprise solution, building an add-on to a enterprise platform or a standalone app – we can help you move at a pace you never thought possible.

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